May 17 - 19 | 2021 Online Conference

Techorama 2021 Call for Papers

Techorama 2021 Call for Papers

At our Techorama Café last week, we announced that Techorama 2021 will be a full online event. For this online event, we have decided to combine Techorama Belgium and The Netherlands in one event.

When we think about Techorama, we think about great atmosphere, networking and content. We will do our best to bring the strengths of Techorama to the attendee.

We need awesome speakers to bing inspiring keynotes, deep-dive technical content, eye-opening soft skills sessions or a full-day workshop. We have an open Call for Papers for our conference (December 1st > January 31th 2021). Send us your very best session proposals via our Sessionize page.

Techorama 2021 will be using the following tracks:

  • AI & IOT & ML
  • Cloud Services
  • Data Platform & BI
  • Developer Trends
  • DevOps and Architecture
  • Motivational & Self-Improvement
  • Web & Frontend
  • Modern Workplace