May 17 - 19 | 2021 Online Conference

Become a Partner of Techorama 2021

2020 has been a special year with the ongoing pandemic. The current uncertainty made it difficult to plan ahead.

Another year without Techorama is not an option. We feel and hear that people are longing for new knowledge but it is not safe to organise an offline event.

Therefore we decided to organize an online event in May 2021. We know that networking, experience and content is the reason why people come to Techorama. We will do our best to make an awesome online event with a mix of inspiring topics, top speakers (local and international) and room for networking.

Interested in becoming a partner of Techorama 2021? Download our partner file below. 

We keep monitoring the changing situation of the corona virus. If there is a possibility to organize an offline event late 2021 you will be the first to know.