Utrecht Netherlands
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This ticket will give you access to the 2-day conference.

October 11- 12
  • Access to Opening/Closing Keynote
  • Access to all breakout sessions
(excl. fees & vat) €695

Techorama pricing scheme

Organizing a conference like Techorma is quite an undertaking, and we work as a group from the community to make this work every year. To make Techorama happen, we need to finance many things beforehand, and you help us by booking your tickets as early as possible.

Therefore we want to incentivize our early bookers, by providing discounts. We have a registration period starting May 1 that we call early bird. Here we provide a discount of 100 Euro on a ticket and even 200 Euro on the combi ticket!

Starting June 1st we move to a discount of 50 Euro per ticket and 100 Euro on the Combi ticket.
Starting September 1st, all discounts are gone. This means you pay full price.

So, it is important to understand Techorama prices will be most expensive when you buy them late. We use this pricing scheme to help us, pre-finance all we need to do, and we hope you will support us by buying your tickets as early as possible.

So important dates are: June 1st, End of Early Bird, September 1st End of regular sales and start of Late Bird


Ticket Terms & Conditions

Tickets are eligible for a full refund within 14 days of purchase when bought before September 1, 2022. Tickets that are canceled after September 1, 2022, can only be refunded for 25% of the full ticket price if bought before September 1, 2022. No refunds for tickets purchased after September 1, 2022. The organizers may postpone, cancel, interrupt or stop the conference due to adverse weather, dangerous situations, or other causes beyond their reasonable control. A refund in these circumstances will be evaluated based on the incurred costs for organizing the conference.

By completing the registration process for a free/paid ticket, everyone agrees to the code of conduct. During the conference, every attendee is free to decide which partner may use his/her personal data (First Name, Last Name, and Email) by accepting the offer to scan their personal badge. Techorama only shares personal information from attendees with partners who got explicit permission to scan the badge of individual conference attendees. Read more about our data privacy policy.

Tickets are sold via the Ticket Counter platform. Terms and conditions for this platform can be found here: Terms & Conditions

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