Techorama brings PubConf to the Netherlands!

Techorama brings PubConf to the Netherlands!

One of the things that we learned as conference organizers is, that there are many more great things our speakers can do. One of them is participating in a PubConf. You might say, what? A PubConf is a conference organized in a bar, most of the time immediately following an existing conference, where the speakers get on stage and do impromptu talks that are in the form of stand up comedy. All attendees get unlimited drinks, food, and a night to remember for years! This is the ultimate night out for anyone in tech!

We got to know Todd Gardner, the organizer of PubConf at NDC Minnesota and Kansas City Developer Conference. After visiting his PubConfs, we decided this is a must-see for any techie out there that loves a night that is full of nerd jokes, geek outs, funny tech talk and speakers that take the stage in a way you have never experienced before.

One golden rule of PubConf is that everything talked about or presented at PubConf stays at PubConf since a picture taken out of context could get speakers into trouble. Therefore you won’t find many pictures or video’s from a PubConf, but I can assure you this is a must-see event if you are into tech, beer, and speakers out of their comfort zone. You can read more about pub conf here ( There is even a video that is available with the consent of the speaker performing.

We teamed up with Todd, and we are proud to announce that we are organizing a PubConf the day after Techorama (October 3). We do this in Amsterdam at the Wibautstraat. It is very near the train station, and there is even a Hotel next to it if you are not sure you can get home after this event.

We hope you will visit PubConf the day after Techorama. Tickets are sold separately from Techorama, and the price is only there to compensate for all the free food and drinks you can get at the event. Tickets are sold in 3 waves: early bird, normal price and late bird, the same as we do at Techorama. 

Buy your ticket here.