Again proud Ultimate partner of Techorama NL 2019!

Again proud Ultimate partner of Techorama NL 2019!

We love to share our knowledge and invest in the community. We are proud to be partner
again of the leading tech-event Techorama. Come and visit our space bar and hang out with
Xpiriters. Attend one of our great sessions and dive into topics like SRE, Agile, .NET core
dependency injection, running a global scale event or learn about health checks in your


Geert van der Cruijsen will explain how ‘observability driven development’ gives the business the valuable insights it needs in order to be successful. Using traditional monitoring or just checking all DevOps boxes is not enough in a day and age of distributed systems: Observability is the key improvement to make.

Observability driven development

René van Osnabrugge explains how to use ‘site reliability engineering practices’ (SRE) that helps organizations sustainably achieve the appropriate level of reliability in their systems, services, and products. You will learn what those practices are and how to implement some of these practices in an Azure environment.

When "We are down" is not good enough. Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) in Azure

Rob and Michiel will show you how to run a global, cloud scale event for 10,000 attendees. They will go over the architecture and design choices that lead to a performant and reliable infrastructure in order to accommodate 89 venues in 35 different countries. And most of all, give the attendees an awesome day using Azure and Azure DevOps on their own webshops.

How to run a global cloud scale event for 10.000 people

Jesse Houwing digs into the mind of people proclaiming, ‘Agile is not working for them’. Are they right, or are they skipping important elements in their way of working… Elements that could be a great help to revive projects and organizations that are suffering from Agilitis-Opsfluenza.

Agile is dead, long live agile!

Alex Thissen will talk about .NET Core patterns and practices to improve monitoring and creating a loosely coupled architecture. By adding health checks to your applications, you can better monitor them from the outside to get more insights than just checking whether the environment is still running your application.


.Net core dependency injection or not

I don’t feel so well… Integrating health checks in you .NET Core solutions