techorama, deep knowledge IT conference
Oct 07 - 09 | 2024 Utrecht Netherlands

How to get to Techorama


In this blog post, we want to inform you about how you can best reach our venue, Pathé in Ede. 


Public Transport

Pathé Ede is about 3.5 km from the train station Ede-Wageningen. From the train station there are direct buses (lines 1, 84 and 88) to Pathé Ede (stop Stadspoort).


Extensive parking plan

To ensure that we can give you the best possible experience, starting from your arrival at Techorama, we created a new elaborate parking plan. You can see the map below on how we have organized parking this year.


For people who arrive early, you can park in the parking garage at Pathé. This is marked as 1 on the map above. This will be the first location where you will be redirected by our traffic controllers. After this parking location is full, you will be guided to the parking lot in front of Pathé, marked as 2 on the map. Finally, you will be redirected to the hospital in the neighborhood which is marked as 3 on the map. If you are redirected to the hospital, expect a walk of approximately 10 minutes. Please make sure you are on time because the keynote will start at 8:45 AM sharp and Dutch traffic can be dense in the mornings!

If you use navigation, please enter the following address: Pathé Ede, Laan Laan der Verenigde Naties 150, Ede.

And please follow the directions of our traffic controllers who will guide you to the correct location based on availability. They know best where you can park, please respect their guidance and don’t try to outsmart them.

Parking in the neighborhood is for permit holders only as of October 1st!

Based on last year’s experience, we should have more than enough parking. Please try to carpool with your colleague because that will give everyone a better experience. One important attention point: please do not to park in the neighborhood! The city of Ede has made this area for permit holders only as of October 1st. We expect strict enforcement since it is the first week this new law will be in place. So please be very careful. Last year this might have worked, but you now you might risk a fine that can be over 100 euro!

Where do I get a parking ticket to drive out of the parking spot?

When you park at Pathe in Ede on one of the two parking locations, you don’t need a parking ticket. The parking barrier will be opened all day so you can drive out freely. When you park at the hospital, you will receive a parking voucher to drive out at the moment you leave the parking lot after arrival. If you did not get a ticket, you can get one at the entrance where you entered the venue. Parking tickets are included in the conference fee.

We are looking forward seeing you!