How to get to Techorama?

Techorama 2018 Netherlands will take place October 1-2-3 at two locations!

  • The workshops October 1st take place at Hotel Van Der Valk in Veenendaal
  • The conference October 2-3 takes place at Cinema Pathé Ede

The Workshops October 1st:

To get to the Workshop venue, you can take the train or the car. If you go by train, exit the train at station Veenendaal de Klomp.
The hotel is at walking distance of the station, approximately a 10-minute walk.

Here is the link for Google maps:

If you go by car, then you can park at the parking lot of the venue. There is plenty of space there.
Here is the link to get to the Hotel van der Valk:

The Conference October 2-3:

To help you plan your travel, we have the below help for you to make it as easy as possible to find your way to get to the venue.
We expect a lot of people at our event. So if you have the option to get to the venue by public transportation, then please do so. If you come with several colleagues, then please do yourself, us and our environment a pleasure by carpooling! Parking space is limited. We have a comprehensive plan to make it work for everyone, but please ensure you plan your travel well.

By public transportation:

The nearest Train Station is station Ede-Wageningen. This station is approximately 20-30 minutes walk to the venue! So be advised this is not near to the venue! There are several bus connections (Stadsbus 1, 84 and 88) that will get you to the venue. Take the bus to bus stop called Stadspoort Ede.

Here are some links to help you plan your travel from the station to the venue:
Walking routes: (

Or take the bus from station to venue: (

Please plan to arrive between 7:30 and 8:00 so you have some slack to get to the venue. You don’t want to miss the first sessions or keynote!

Transportation by Car:


First, please be aware of the heavy traffic on the A12 in the morning! It will be rush hour, so please ensure you plan your travel carefully.
The venue has limited parking capabilities (P1 400), so we have arranged together with Pathé a plan to make the parking experience good for everyone, but we need your help to make this happen.

We start for the early arrivals with parking at the Pathé Garage P1. After this has filled up, you will be redirected to the alternative parking lot also near the venue P2. This has an additional 100 parking spots. Finally when this is filled up, you will be guided to the final parking location P3 at the Ede Hospital. Parking attendants will guide you and you will find signs that clearly mark how to drive. Follow the yellow signs P Techorama.
Below you can see the parking locations.

Parking attendants will help you find your way. Please follow their instructions and be polite and respectful. They are there to create a good experience for everyone and they really know the best way for you to park your car and make the sessions on time.

You risk getting fined and we don’t want that to happen to you

Leave by car:
You need a parking ticket to leave the parking lot! You will get a free exit ticket before you leave the parking lot upon arrival!
Make sure to get this ticket, because you need it to drive out.  It is your responsibility to ensure you get the ticket and keep it.

If you either loose it or forget to get it, you need to buy a replacement the ticket yourself!

Address Information for your navigation:

Pathé Ede
Laan der Verenigde Naties 150
6716 JE Ede