Oct 09 - 11 | 2023 Utrecht Netherlands
09:00 - 17:00

The Professional Performance Tuning Blueprint

Searching the internet for every problem isn't cutting it. You need to be more proactive and efficient when it comes to finding and solving database performance fires.

I work with consulting customers around the world to put out SQL Server performance fires. In this day of learning, I will teach you how to find and fix your worst SQL Server problems using the same modern tools and techniques which I use every week.

You'll learn tons of new and effective approaches to common performance problems, how to figure out what's going on in your query plans, and how indexes really work to make your queries faster. Together, we'll tackle query rewrites, batch mode, how to design indexes, and how to gather all the information you need to analyze performance.

This day of learning will teach you cutting edge techniques which you can't find in training by folks who don't spend time in the real world tuning performance. Performance tuning mysteries can easily leave you stumbling through your work week, unsure if you're focusing on the right things. You'll walk out of this class confident in your abilities to fix performance issues once and for all.

If you want to put out SQL Server performance fires, this is the precon you need to attend. Anyone can have a plan, it takes a professional to have a blueprint.


Demo database (~50GB): http://bit.ly/Stack2013
Recommended laptop specs
  • 8 cores
  • 64 GB RAM
  • Decent SSDs
Recommended SQL Server settings:
  • MAXDOP: 8
  • Cost Threshold For Parallelism: 50
  • Max Server Memory 51200
Erik Darling

Erik Darling started using SQL Server after a dispute with Excel over a vlookup. Since then he's had some terribly boring DBA jobs, and been a consultant for Some Guy You've Never Heard Of™.
He enjoys public arguments with the optimizer and wine photography.

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