Oct 10 - 12 | 2022 Utrecht Netherlands
09:00 - 17:00

Machine Learning for Software Engineers

Machine learning expands the boundaries of what's possible by letting software accomplish tasks that can't be accomplished algorithmically. In this hands-on workshop, learn the fundamentals of machine learning from a software developer's perspective and learn how to use it to build sophisticated predictive models. You'll learn about regression, classification, recommender systems, and more, and you'll do it with Scikit-learn, the world's most popular machine-learning library. You'll also see examples of machine learning in action and build and train models of your own.

Jeff Prosise

Jeff Prosise is a former engineer who makes his living writing software and helping others do the same. He has written nine books and hundreds of magazine articles, trained thousands of developers at Microsoft, and spoken at some of the world’s largest software conferences. His new book, "Practical Machine Learning and AI for Engineers," is due out this fall. Jeff’s passion is introducing software developers to the wonders of ML and AI. In his spare time, Jeff builds and flies large radio-control jets. He loves the smell of jet fuel in the morning.