Introducing Techorama Speaker Idol

Your journey as an international speaker starts here!

Techorama is always on the lookout for the best talent if it comes to speakers. To enable new ambitious speakers to start their speaking journey, Techorama offers the opportunity to participate in the Techorama Speaker Idol competition. We will give away 3 real speaker slots for the Techorama conference held in the Netherlands (October 1-3) in CineMec Ede.

Speaker idol semifinals selection process

Techorama starts the recruitment of speaker talent in two semifinal rounds. Each round will be hosted by one of our Ultimate partners. You can qualify for an opportunity to present at the semifinals. To qualify you need to submit a session proposal as you normally also do when you participate in the call for Papers of any conference. Based on the number of submissions we will select about 10 proposals.

Apply Now and submit your session proposals!

Speaker idol semifinal events in March and April

At the semifinals you present a 10-minute talk on the subject you proposed. We will have a professional jury of 4 seasoned international speakers and the audience that can vote. After each session the jury will provide you with feedback on your session and what you did great and where you can improve. Based on this feedback you can improve as a professional speaker in the future. The jury will cast their votes after each presentation and the audience gets to vote as well when all sessions are done. This will result in a top 3 of speakers per semifinal. Each of the 3 speakers gets an invite to the finals and is asked to prepare a new talk for the finals.

The dates for speaker idol semifinals are:

  • March 22th, at our ultimate partner¬†Info Support in Veenendaal
  • April 24th, at our ultimate partner¬†Xpirit in Hilversum

The Jury

The speaker Idol jury will consist out of long term conference veterans. International speakers that know all the tricks to both entertain the audience and deliver a slick and engaging technical talk. The jury will consist out of the following speakers: Clemens Vasters, Martin Woodward, Andre Obelink, Sander Hoogendoorn and Marcel de Vries.

Who should apply

Speaker Idol is designed for those that want to unlock a fast lane for their career. You are passionate about your work and have a drive of telling others how to be successful. Your talk can be on any technology or methodology or other success stories that would attract a technical crowd. Speaker Idol is designed for new talented people that have no previous experience speaking at international conferences. These criteria and a killer session proposal will unlock your ticket to become a speaker Idol.

Speaker Idol Final in May

During the finals we will invite a broader audience and invite a inspirational speaker to create a great night of entertainment and technology. The 6 winners of the semifinals will present their new prepared sessions. Again, here you will get feedback from the professional jury and the audience gets again the chance to vote for you session. In the end we will have 3 winners. The 3 winners earn their speaker slot at Techorama Netherlands and are invited to come and speak at the event and mingle among all the international speakers. Additionally you will receive a letter of recommendation signed by all jury members to help you get selected at other conferences. Finally you also get invited to the speaker dinner to mingle with our idol international speakers and hear and learn from their stories.

Apply Now and submit your session proposals!