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Struggling with software dependencies? Spending more effort maintaining or fixing them instead of creating value? Having a hard time to share in-house components between developers and projects, while being flooded with tons of open source components through various package managers? Hate it when you can’t debug or step through the code of consumed packages?

With MyGet, software dependencies are easy to work with! MyGet makes package management a breeze by leveraging NuGet, npm, Bower, Maven and PHP Composer and by providing innovative services to software professionals and the Community. We believe that removing roadblocks and reducing friction through automation and integration is key to success in a high-paced and technology-centric world. Microsoft trusts and uses MyGet to build .NET, EntityFramework, Roslyn, ASP.NET, and even NuGet, so why wouldn’t you?

No need to distract your DevOps teams with setting up yet another range of development-critical servers. Focus on your core-business and let MyGet’s experts handle it for you! Our most experienced cloud engineers ensure an up-to-date, highly available, scalable, and performant service, securely accessible from wherever you are.

Our expertise also ensures your service will always be up to date and compatible with the latest evolutions in the various package managers we support, ensuring you can always benefit from the latest and greatest client upgrades.

visual studio

Visual Studio Team Services Integration

Have source code on Visual Studio Team Services? MyGet can build and distribute NuGet packages for your components and libraries.
Already using Visual Studio Team Services Build? MyGet can expose NuGet packages from drop locations to your developers and clients in a secure manner.
Using GitHub, BitBucket or GitLab? Not a problem! We do that too!
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MyGet provides hosted package repositories for individual developers, open source projects and corporate development teams.

Create feeds for your developers, clients or the entire world using secured access. Work together using activity streams and RSS. Push your symbols packages too and enable a smooth debugging experience for your package consumers. Using NuGet, npm, Bower or Maven, or perhaps even Visual Studio Extensions? We can handle it!

MyGet repositories can contain your own libraries, artifacts as well as third party packages. In fact, packages can come from your build server, and Visual Studio Team Services, GitHub or BitBucket where we transform your source code into a compiled NuGet package. Consume dependencies from Visual Studio or deploy them using

Audit dependencies used by your organization. Support your release process with configurable upstream package sources, versioning rules, package filters and staged dependencies. All scenarios described in the Pro NuGet book are covered by MyGet!


MyGet in short

  • Public and private hosted NuGet, Npm, Bower, Maven, Vsix and PHP Composer with granular security, for you and your team
  • Packages from,, or any other package source, proxied into one URL
  • Build Services: package, version & publish from Visual Studio Team Services, GitHub and BitBucket
  • Compatible with the tools you know and love
  • License management of consumed packages
  • Enterprise subscription for larger teams with management dashboard


Checkout, follow us on Twitter (@MyGetTeam) and checkout our different pricing options. Or find us at Techorama – we’ll be around in the sessions and breaks.