Oct 05 - 07 | 2020 Ede, Netherlands

Announcing the workshops for Techorama 2019

Announcing the workshops for Techorama 2019

Together with the first batch of speakers and sessions, we are also announcing our workshops for Techorama 2019 Netherlands. We do apologize in advance for the fact that it will be hard for you to make your selection... Here's the list of workshops:

  • Sam Newman: Monolith to microservices
  • Dominick Baier: Identity & Access Control for modern Applications using ASP.NET Core
  • Scott Allen: Building Apps and Services with ASP.NET Core 3
  • Pinal Dave: 0 (Zero) to Hero: 21 Essential Performance Scripts for Every DBA
  • Kathleen Dollard: Become a better C# developer
  • Seth Juarez: Cloud scaling machine learning
  • Dan Wahlin: Integrating Angular with ASP.NET Core RESTful Services
  • Rainer Stropek: Razor Components AKA Blazor
  • Elton Stoneman: Docker and Kubernetes for .NET Developers

Take a look at the workshops page for all information. Note that some workshops have a limited capability and will fill up quickly.