Oct 05 - 07 | 2020 Ede, Netherlands

ABP Framework Team is in the Conference!

ABP Framework Team is in the Conference!

The ABP Framework team will be at the conference!

ABP is an open-source web application framework for ASP.NET Core 3.0. It is a complete architectural
model and a strong infrastructure for creating modern web applications! It follows best practices and
conventions to provide a SOLID development experience.


ABP offers a layered & modular architecture based on the Domain Driven Design (DDD) patterns &
principles. DDD is a software development approach for complex requirements by connecting the
implementation to an evolving model.

While there are many resources on the web about DDD, they are generally theoretical rather than practical guides. One reason for that is DDD implementation quite varies depending on your domain and culture. However, it is still possible to provide some explicit rules that can help you while designing your codebase.

ABP framework and the documentation have been a comprehensive guide to thousands of developers to learn DDD or improve their DDD skills. Halil Ibrahim Kalkan, the lead developer behind the ABP framework, will talk about implementing Domain Driven Design in the Techorama 2019 Conference, based on his valuable experiences while developing the framework.

The talk starts by introducing the DDD and providing a layering model based on the DDD and the Clean Architecture. Then introducing the core building blocks (like Aggregates, Repositories, Domain Services, DTOs… etc) of an application built on the DDD principles.

In the second part of the talk, he shows some strict coding rules for the core building blocks with real- world examples and suggestions. These rules are essential for building a large-scale application implements DDD patterns & practices. While the solution structure and code samples are based on .NET and C#, it is also useful for developers and architects working with any server-side technology.

Besides the talk, ABP framework team will be at the Volosoft's booth during the conference to talk to the community, discuss the goals of the framework and get feedback. You can directly meet the guys behind this popular open-source project and ask any questions about the framework or software development in general.