Introducing Techorama Live!

During both days of the Techorama conference Techorama Live will broadcast via Youtube (presented by dotnetflix and SDN Cast). Sessions will not be broadcasted, but the broadcast will be filled with impressions of the conference, interviews with attendees, sponsors and speakers. We have a great line-up of interviews with some preselected speakers (Christian Weyer, Sean Feldman, Pete Brown, Leonard Lobel, Donovan Brown).

We hope you will attend during the broadcast at our Techorama Live booth! If you want to talk on camera about your experiences, get by and we schedule a talk. Every interview will be live. The interviews will be informal talks about the content of the sessions at the conference. Let’s go in depth with attendees, sponsors and speakers!

Keep an eye on the TechoramaNL, dotnetflix and SDNcast/SDN_Watch twitters for more information on the Youtube URL of the broadcast.

It will be a fun ride! Attend and enjoy!