Diversity and inclusion at Techorama: our effort to do better!

Every year, we set out to create a welcoming, educational and overall positive atmosphere for everyone at Techorama. While we do our utter best to make this happen, we know that we aren’t reaching all groups that we would like to bring together.

We strive to do better.

Here’s our next step in an effort to continuously improve our ecosystem. This year, we have a diversity and inclusion ticket lottery for Techorama. Our intent is to create opportunities for all to enjoy our conference and feel included, in particular those who may not otherwise be able to join us for a variety of reasons. We are committed to helping make space and remove barriers for underrepresented individuals or those who face other adversities.

We aim to give away 30 tickets to groups or individuals that are part of a group that is underrepresented or may not otherwise be able to attend. If this applies to you, we ask you to apply before September 10th by sending an email to tickets@techorama.nl with a short intro and maybe a fun reason why you’d like to join us at Techorama this year.

If selected, you will receive a free ticket and we would love to have you join the Techorama crew at our Inclusion Breakfast on Day 2, October 3rd (optional). We are keen to hear about your experiences, thoughts and ideas on inclusivity in a comfortable setting, and we are also keen on good breakfast!

*From all registrants which qualify, a total of 30 winners will be randomly chosen. Winners will be contacted individually.