Announcing Techorama 2018 Bootcamps in May 2018

Techorama is taking the Netherlands by storm! We couldn’t wait to bring you the Techorama goodness until October… So we decided to already give you a taste of Techorama by bringing some of the great speaker talent to the Netherlands with some deep-dive bootcamps. On May 25, you’ll have the chance to learn from the experts in some of the most interesting topics for developers right now.

We are glad to announce the following bootcamps:

  • Pinal Dave will bring a bootcamp called “36 Scripts: Performance Tricks Jedi Master Wants You to Know“. Pinal is an expert in all things SQL and you’ll walk away as a SQL-Jedi!
  • Sasha Goldstein will give a bootcamp called “The Performance Investigator’s Field Guide“. During this day, you’ll learn the tricks from the trenches to optimize performance of your applications.
  • Kathleen Dollard works in the C# language team at Microsoft and will bring a very popular bootcamp called “I will make you a better C# developer – 2018 edition“. This bootcamp is not for beginners, instead, it will make seasoned C# developers better in their jobs.
  • Finally, Rene van Osnabrugge and Marcel de Vries will bring an architectural bootcamp called “Building, Running & Continuously Deploying Microservices with Docker Containers on Azure

Feeling inspired? Great! We have now opened the registrations for the bootcamps. Go here to secure your seat!